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The Keto, Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly Superfood

"These nuts are so delicious! Once you try it will be hard to put the packet down. I love that it's a great nourishing snack for all the family. My kids love these. Excellent customer service with personal touches to each order. Love supporting a NZ family business."

- Danae


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Kenari Nuts – The caviar of nuts!

Introducing Indonesia’s best kept secret superfood, the Kenari Nut!

Organic Kenari nuts. Super food
Kenari nuts NZ sustainably grown in the Philippines

We stumbled across the beautiful East Forest Kenari Nuts on our search for the Pili Nut. Once we tried these delicate morsels, we were hooked and knew Kiwi's would be too.

Kenari Nuts (Canarium Amboinense Hoch) are a native of Eastern Indonesia. They’re harvested from wild Kenari trees which abundantly grow in the fertile soil of remote active volcanic islands across the Spice Islands region of Indonesia.

Kenari Nuts are well known for being high in Vitamin E, a source of Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, as well as containing essential amino acids. They’re activated to break down the phytic acid, allowing the body to access their nutrients more readily. 

Rich in flavour and with a creamy buttery texture, these delicacies are truly the caviar of nuts!

  • %100 NATURAL
  • KETO FRIENDLY (salted/natural flavours)

Only the good stuff!

Grab them for a day out on the trails, use them to spruce up a meal, or to curb that afternoon craving!


Pili and Kenari Nuts are a great snack or accompaniment to meals as a nutrient rich and energy packed superfood. Great as a heavy hitting snack for active lifestyles, or for those wanting to tart up their meals with an alternative to meat based proteins. 


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