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What are Kenari Nuts? - The Snack Draw Necessity!

Kenari Nuts – The caviar of nuts!

Introducing Indonesia’s best kept secret superfood, the Kenari Nut!

We stumbled across the beautiful East Forest Kenari Nuts whilst on our search for the Pili Nut. Once we tried these delicate morsels, we were hooked and knew Kiwi's would be too.

Kenari Nuts (Canarium Amboinense Hoch) are from the same nut family as the Pili nut and are a native of Eastern Indonesia. They’re harvested from wild Kenari trees which grow abundantly in the fertile soil of remote active volcanic islands across the Spice Islands region of Indonesia.

Like the Pili tree, Kenari trees grow sustainably only requiring rainwater to grow and produce Kenari fruit. The nuts are harvested, and hand shucked by locals from the neighbouring communities. Kawanasi (the producers of East Forest Kenari nuts) work hand in hand with local communities to nurture the Kenari trees as well as provide work and educational opportunities. Kawanasi strive to build a sustainable business that brings positive outcomes by partnering with local communities and showcasing Indonesia’s finest ingredients throughout the world!

East Forest Kenari nuts are activated by soaking the nuts and then letting them dry out on racks in the sun. This ancient traditional practice breaks down the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors in the raw nut and helps our bodies to digest and absorb their goodness more easily. The activation process not only enhances their nutritional profile, but also makes them taste better by protecting the delicate oils in the nut and boosting their smooth, buttery texture.

Like Pili Nuts, Kenari Nuts are grown in fertile volcanic soil which provides the tree with the right nutrients resulting in a nut that’s jam packed with vitamins and minerals. Kenari nuts are high in Vitamin E, a source of Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, as well as containing essential amino acids making these creamy, soft textured nuts a nutrient dense snack.

Rich in flavour and with a creamy buttery texture, these delicacies are truly the caviar of nuts!

  • %100 NATURAL
  • KETO FRIENDLY (salted/natural flavours)


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