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What are Pili Nuts? - The new superfood on the block!

The Superfood you've probably never heard of - Pili Nuts are now in NZ!

Pili Nuts (pronounced ‘pee-lee’) are a premium powerhouse superfood only just becoming known in our part of the world. With their nutrient dense profile, they are quickly becoming regarded as one of the healthiest nuts on the planet! 

The Pili Nut is a smooth, creamy and buttery nut likened to a mix between a Macadamia and a Cashew. For centuries the Pili Nut has been a staple in the Philippines where a popular way to eat them is to candy them. But the rest of the world is quickly catching onto this premium nut for their nutritional value and unique high fat, low carb attributes (they’re claimed to be one of the lowest carb nuts in the world!).

Sustainably grown in the Bicol region of the Philippines, our Pili Nuts thrive in rich fertile volcanic soils. They’re grown and nurtured without the use of harmful chemicals, using traditional low impact methods. In fact, the Pili tree needs nothing other than rainwater to sprout and grow, making them a naturally sustainable and a regenerative crop. No nasties or irrigation here (unlike many nut varieties grown on mass scale!) Compared to commercially grown Almonds and Cashew nuts that require between 14,220 and 16,098 litres of water per kilogram of nuts (!!), Pili nuts are easy on the environment and don’t take from the local water supply.

Our Pili nuts have been picked and de-shelled (shucked) by hand. No machines are used in the de-shelling process, only hand tools are used in-order to protect the nut. The Pili shells are too hard, and the nut inside is so delicate, that if a machine was used the buttery morsels would get crushed. The Pili nuts are then activated gently by means of a slow 12-hour soaking process, breaking down the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors in the raw Pili Nut, allowing your body to access their nutrients more easily. So yes, it’s very labour intensive and delicate work to bring you Pili’s, this extra effort required to deliver these delights is also of huge importance to the local communities by bringing valued employment and promotion of a niche export crop they are proud to introduce to the world.

Because of the rich fertile soils they grow in, the Pili nut has a nutrient dense profile, making them one of the healthiest nuts! Pili Nuts are high in Magnesium, Manganese and Vitamin E, together with being a source of Vitamin B1. In one serve of our Natural Pili nuts you’re getting 32% of your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of Vitamin E, 25% RDI of Magnesium and Manganese, and 14% RDI of Vitamin B1. They're also a source of 16 amino acids, including 8 essential amino acids, which your body can only get through food.

Due to their high fat/low carb content, Pili nuts are great for those following the Keto lifestyle. Our Natural Pili nuts are 16.9g fat and 2.1g carbs per serve. They're rich, buttery morsels that are a great high fat snack that not only nourishes and fuels your body but also taste delicious (Our Pili NZ nuts have been independently lab tested in NZ, so you can trust us when we say they’re brimming with the good stuff!).

At Pili NZ, we strongly believe in fuelling your body naturally with wholefoods and real ingredients. That’s why our Pili nuts are handled with care and are only lightly dusted with flavouring to really showcase the creamy, buttery Pili Nut in all its glory.

Pili NZ pili nuts are:

  • 100% NATURAL


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