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What are Kenari Nuts? - The Snack Draw Necessity!

Introducing Indonesia’s best kept secret superfood, the Kenari Nut! We stumbled across the beautiful East Forest Kenari Nuts whilst on our search for the Pili Nut. Once we tried these delicate morsels, we were hooked and knew Kiwi's would be too. Kenari Nuts (Canarium Amboinense Hoch) are from the same nut family as the Pili nut and are a native of Eastern Indonesia. They’re harvested from wild Kenari trees which grow abundantly in the fertile soil of remote active volcanic islands...

May 18, 2022

What are Pili Nuts? - The new superfood on the block!

Pili Nuts (pronounced ‘pee-lee’) are a premium powerhouse superfood only just becoming known in our part of the world. With their nutrient dense profile, they are quickly becoming regarded as one of the healthiest nuts on the planet!  The Pili Nut is a smooth, creamy and buttery nut likened to a mix between a Macadamia and a Cashew. For centuries the Pili Nut has been a staple in the Philippines where a popular way to eat them is to candy them. But the rest of the wo...

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