Meet The Brattys –

Micheala and Ryan Bratty. Owners at Pili NZ

Hi, we’re Ryan and Michaela Bratty! We’re proud to offer you premium Pili and Kenari Nuts that are delicious, nutritious and sustainably grown!

The Pili NZ dream started in lockdown 2020 when we became intrigued by the Pili Nut and it’s growing popularity overseas. Everything about the Pili Nut excited us - from how the Pili tree grows sustainably without the use of chemicals or irrigation, to how the taste of the nut is likened to a creamy butter bomb that’s full of vitamins and minerals from the fertile volcanic soils it grows in. Once we tasted them, we knew we were onto something exciting we had to share.

During our search for Pili Nuts, we came across East Forest Kenari Nuts (from the same nut family as the Pili Nut). Drawn in by their amazing health benefits, great company ethos and beautiful branding, we knew we had to get our hands on these too. We believe we’ve found the caviar of nuts!

We were craving a lifestyle change where we could move away from the demanding day job, do something we were passionate about, and spend quality time with their 3 young children. So, we took the plunge to turn our nut business dream into a reality.. Pili NZ was born!

We're proud to offer you these new and exciting nuts that not only taste amazing, but are brimming with the good stuff! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Only the good stuff!

Grab them for a day out on the trails, use them to spruce up a meal, or to curb that afternoon craving!


Pili and Kenari Nuts are a great snack or accompaniment to meals as a nutrient rich and energy packed superfood. Great as a heavy hitting snack for active lifestyles, or for those wanting to tart up their meals with an alternative to meat based proteins. 


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