The ultimate Powerhouse Nut!

Premium Pili Nuts NZ – Sustainably grown in the Philippines

Pili Nuts (pronounced ‘pee-lee’) are a premium powerhouse superfood only just becoming known in our part of the world. With their nutrient dense profile, they are quickly becoming regarded as one of the healthiest nuts on the planet.

They're high in Magnesium, Vitamin E, Manganese and a source of Vitamin B1. Pili Nuts contain essential amino acids, are known as one of the lowest carb nuts in the world and are rich in fat! They're buttery, creamy, delicious morsels brimming with the good stuff!

"These are hands down the best nuts you will ever try!
They’re the perfect consistency, size and taste absolutely amazing! Moreover, they’re also the healthiest nut you’ll ever eat! I wish I could eat them all day long"

- Kate

Pili And Kenari Nuts New Zealand. Ultimate superfood nut

With their creamy, smooth, and buttery texture these Pili Nuts will melt in your mouth. 

Only the good stuff!

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Pili NZ Pili Nuts

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